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Stanley Cup playoffs: How the Blackhawks overcame the silence, beat the Blues in Game 4

In the third period on Wednesday night in Chicago, the United Center silence felt like the end of a title defense. Then the Blackhawks overcame it. The true value of playoff hockey lies in the sounds. It's the way the crowd reacts after your player hits an opposing one with so much force any rational judge would hand out three to five years for battery in any other context. It's the way the goal ...

Scientists probe quantum sounds

Physicists at the University of Sydney have uncovered a way to use microwaves to probe the sounds of a ‘quantum dot’, the latest promising discovery in the race to build super high performance computers of the future. Read More

Probing the sound of a quantum dot

Physicists at the University of Sydney have discovered a method of using microwaves to probe the sounds of a quantum dot, a promising platform for building a quantum computer.

Music fills the air in Bridgetown

The 15th annual Blackwood River Chamber Festival will fill Bridgetown with the sounds of music this Saturday and Sunday.

Sounds Jewish podcast: Chanukah: keeping the flame burning

Chanukah tells the story of the miracle of the oil – when a flame that should have burned for just one day somehow stayed alive for eight. Ever since, that has been a motif of Jewish life: flickering in odd places, despite everything. In a new format for our Sounds Jewish podcast, Alan Dein finds four intensely personal stories with a common theme: keepers of the flame. Last of the Mohicans Leon ...

Anzac Day 2014: Crowds flock to remember fallen

Thousands of people assembled outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum this morning to commemorate New Zealand's "contribution to freedom".The ANZAC Day dawn service opened with the sounds of the Maori trumpet and the hymn 'Abide...

Light and sound from the Great War

The sounds and sights of New Zealand at war are being brought to life this week at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.The northern facade has been lit up each night to mark Anzac Day, with newly discovered World War I footage projected...

Salmon plant for Picton

The expansion of salmon farming in the Marlborough Sounds could see a processing plant set up in Picton, New Zealand King Salmon chief executive Grant Rosewarne says.

Sounds of success: Pulitzer-winning composer brings music to Knoxville

Visiting composer John Luther Adams is used to being overwhelmed by the sounds of nature that have inspired his environmentally focused music.

Global Soundscapes - Crowdsourcing The Sounds Of Earth

Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online In conjunction with Earth Day celebrations on Tuesday – Bryan Pijanowski , an ecology professor at Purdue University, encouraged smartphone owners around the world to download and use an app he developed to record the sounds around them. Pijanowski said the campaign was designed to capture the soundtrack of Earth on a single day and also to ...


There are multiple artists that have used this name:
1) A Swedish New Wave group
2) A Finnish instrumental rock band in the early 1960s
3) A 1950's doo wop group on the Cascade label
4) A danish pigtraad group
5) A popular Greek band of the 60s with the big hits "To mathima" ("The lesson") and "Apopse se thelo" ("Tonight I want you"). 1) The Sounds are a New Wave group which formed in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1999.

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